Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

There are many parts in planning a good wedding. The cake, flowers, DJ, limo, are just to name a few, but the most important part is giving your photographer enough time to get all your favorite photos. By that I mean the time between the wedding ceremony and the reception. Give your photographer a good 1 ½ hours to 2 hours before you go to your reception. For large weddings you need at least 3 hours of photography time. When planning your wedding day, remember that even simple things always take longer than you anticipate.

The following is a list of additional items you need to consider.

  1. Have your flowers labeled and delivered to your dressing area three hours before you have to leave for the church. Florists are always late.
  2. Talk to your photographer and discuss any special photo interests you want for your album.
  3. When it’s time for the “Ring” or the “Kiss” take your time, don’t rush through it.
  4. Walk, don’t run down the aisle.
  5. Don’t have a receiving line after the ceremony. This cuts out important time for your photographer.
  6. Brides….get your eyebrows done a week before the wedding.
  7. Don’t wait till the very end of the reception to cut the cake or throw your bouquet. Many people leave early and will miss that special moment. Consider cutting your cake right after the dinner.
  8. Don’t have an outside ceremony in the heat of summer. Outside weddings are nice, but the Florida heat and humidity will take its toll. I’ve seen many Brides, Grooms and Bridesmaids faint and fall flat on their face from the heat. Have plenty of water for everyone in the bridal party.
  9. Indoor weddings are good but make sure the stage is well lit. Candle lights are beautiful but can make for dark pictures.
  10. Be yourself….have fun.

So what are the three most important things that you will have after your wedding day? Your spouse, your ring and your photographs. People will not remember what they ate or what they drank, but you will enjoy and cherish your photographs for a lifetime. I have a wedding photograph of my parents taken over fifty years ago and I would not trade it for anything in this world.